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Dovetail Form Tool Holders featuring:

Dovetail Holder     Hardened and Precision Ground Dovetail for accurate tool
     location and part size repetition.

     Tool Stop for reproducing consistent tool location and center
     height setting.

     Taper Adjustment for fast, easy and accurate control of taper.

                                                                                               Precision Ground Locating Surfaces and Accurate Tolerances
                                                                                               for maximum rigidity and accurate adjustments.

                                                                                               Disc Spring Washers on main mounting bolts to keep chips out
                                                                                               and provide accurate adjustments.

     Adjusting Screw & Plate           Diameter Adjustment Screw with .050" per turn with increment 
                    marks and numbers for easy, accurate adjustment.

                    Side Adjustment Screw option with .050" per turn with increment
                    marks and numbers for easy, accurate adjustment.

                                                                                                          *Note: Side Adjusting Screw and Side Adjusting Plate are included with our
                                                                                                            Bridges, but are not included with Base, Tool Block or Assembly and
                                                                                                            must be ordered seperately.

UNIVERSAL TOOL BLOCKS                          

All New Market Products tool blocks 
Universal Tool Blocks
are universal, meaning they can be 
interchanged in UP-CUT and
DOWN-CUT in the same series (except
for the series which fit underneath a 
bridge.) This gives you more flexibility
to your setup and minimizes tooling 
cost.  UP-CUT means the cutting force 
is away from the slide, while 
DOWN-CUT means the cutting force 
is towards the slide.